In The Beginning

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Welcome to Nova Sky High

The world has become an interesting place. Nova’s have erupted over the Earth in the last couple decades and have become valuable resources privately and publicly. There are Nova Heros, Nova Villans, as well as Nova Entertainers. Professional Nova Superhero teams have started appearing around the world, and the “N!” network is the fastest growing cable network around. There are even rumors of it going 24/7 in the next six months instead of being the late night partner to the Shopping Network. No Nova has yet been allowed public office, and no Nova has taken over a country. As far as the World at Large knows.

For Americans the current “in” Professional Nova team is called The Super Novas. They are based out of Omaha Nebraska and stand for Truth, Justice, & The American Way. There are smaller teams of course but they aren’t as popular. The merchandise for these Fine Americans can be seen in any major chain around the U.S. Mabaleen Sinclair is the hottest Nova ticket in town being a triple threat Model/Singer/Actress. Her recent Album, “Stars in Shadow” has topped the charts for the last 16 weeks. Her next movie, “Morgana” about the legendary sorceress who toppled the Arthurian Empire is a highly anticipated upcoming debut expected to break records. She has been romantically linked with such names as Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, and Katheryn Zeta Jones.

On the down side there is a lot of uproar over “Novas” as well. Collateral Damage from public fights are a real problem and have driven insurance premiums way up. Injuries and civilian casualties have become an issue in areas that have Novas around. The court systems are bogged up with civil cases alleging “vicious endangerment and wrong-full decapitation.” Lawyers are more well paid than ever.

You are a High School Freshman who only erupted in the recent months. You and your family were contacted by Sky High and advised of the state of the art facilities and excellent academic opportunities of this fine private Academy and Boarding School. Your parents, conferred with the representative and each other. You were enrolled. There was purchasing and packing and a trip to Denver Union Station. Then… Off to the Stars.

In The Beginning

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